Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"Shed Some Light" My New Album

 So, after a year of tweaking in my humble home studio I have put together a new album.  The last three years and three albums has been a huge learning process with lots of setbacks, breakthroughs and moments of pure joy.  I'm proud of this album... it's far and away my best work.  All the songs are completely original from the Vocals to the Guitar to the beats to random Mbira licks and Synth embellishments.  This is truly a labor of lover and has been my most cherished creative outlet of late...so I  really hope you guys like it!  The Album features 20 songs and is optimized for  itunes.  To everyone who bought one of my last two albums... thanks a lot... if you liked that you'll love this...Cheers!!!  You can Buy it right HERE>